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Ageless Project

Ageless project

Ageless – Shoes, Sneakers & more

Ageless is the project that ranked first in the #CRAF 2019 competition, aiming to create a dedicated workshop for cleaning, reconditioning and customizing footwear.

Ageless is the first and largest workshop of its kind in Southwest Romania, arising from the desire to help people who can’t afford to buy new shoes frequently, ideal for those who want to prolong the life of a pair of shoes.

We can all contribute to the fight against pollution, and we aim to reduce the number of footwear items that end up in the landfill due to degradation, extending their life cycle through the processes carried out within #Ageless.

The services provided by #Ageless are the following:

  • Manual cleaning;
  • Automatic cleaning;
  • Steam cleaning;
  • Reconditioning (sole whitening, material crease removal, midsole repainting, partial repainting, total repainting, shoe gluing, air cushion repair);
  • Customization (manual, graphic layouts);

At the same time, through this project we try to support the community, periodically organizing shoe collection campaigns, following which we clean, recondition and donate the collected shoes to people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Team

Fudulache Ovidiu;

Milici Alexandru;

Popescu Oana Maria;

Deaconescu Ovidiu;

Ilina Cosmin;

Ntemos Marios;

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance