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SEDO Project

SEDO Project

a service market online platform for requests and offerse

SEDO interconnects people in the Craiova community who need certain information / services with those who have the capacity to provide them.

At the same time, the platform will function as a virtual hub for volunteering opportunities and donation campaigns that will be organised at the local community level, allowing the inhabitants of Craiova to get actively involved, both as volunteers and as donors, in local community projects.

Location: FREC Craiova, online.


Fudulache Ovidiu

Ungureanu Denisa

Ureche Terry Gabriel

Jianu Loredana

Rascacea Stefan

Puiu Adina

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance