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The GRENA –GREEN NATURE FOR HEALTHY LIFE project has as main objective the revival of the agricultural potential of the Dolj County (plant production), due to the fact that in the last years there has been registered a significant reduction of both average yields and total production, in relation to plant production, in the region. Dolj is one of the counties of the region that has recorded, over time, some of the largest fresh vegetable production from agricultural lands in the private sector. However, according to representatives of the Office for Pedological Studies, Dolj has been facing serious problems of climatic changes, risking to be transformed into a desertified region. In this regard, problems have arisen, addressed by the production of different types of plants: edible, garden, technical, aromatic, medicinal, the need to identify and develop methods and strategies for acclimatization of new compatible species being prominent.

In this context, within GRENA we set up two greenhouses so as to develop innovative strategies in two lines of action: to adapt the varieties of plants to the interchangeable climatic conditions; to generate hybrid varieties, meant to satisfy the needs of the community. The target group of this project consists of producers / farmers, registered at the county level, who benefit from our products and, at the same time, from our support and guidance so as to continue to produce new varieties of crops.

Students and teachers, volunteers from the Faculty of Horticulture, University of Craiova, work at GRENA

GRENA greenhouses producte seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, as well as seedlings. The products are distributed, based on order, using non-polluting means of transport - bicycles, with the support of the GOBIKE Craiova team (another social entrepreneurship project, set up and developed within FREC Craiova).

The element of social innovation of our project is the fact that all the consumers of the GRENA products contribute directly to help vulnerable people at the level of the regional community. How? The donations from those who enjoy the GRENA products ensure the continuity of our activities in the greenhouses and, we constantly donate baskets of our GRENA grown vegetables to disadvantaged people.

Our Team

Vasiluta Iulian

Musuroi Alexandra

Lupu Leon

Cepleanu Bogdan

Munteanu Adelina

Unchiasu Alina

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance