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Human 4 Human Kinetic


We are H4H (Human for Human), a soul project for other souls. This project was born out of the desire to help other people, the target group being represented by children with poor financial situation in the rural area. Our field of activity (kinetotherapy) makes this desire a natural one and our effort a feasible one. The project is a cry for help to the entire community, thus having a social impact.

Over 100 children from rural areas (0-17 years old) have with various disabilities

In rural areas, lack of information and poor education are the result of many negative circumstances, but it is at the same time a cry for help in the evolution of our society. We consider that this project was delayed for too long, being an emergency that should involve a very large group of people in social activities, not only because it is moral, but because it is simply necessary. We rely on the mainstream literature and our own experience in the field and it was not hard for us to detect that 10% of children in rural areas, under the age of 5, had not not consulted by a GP in the last year, the percentage increasing since 2016 (a study carried out by the World Vision organization). As much as we ignore this, it will not make it any less true, and for the benefit of our community, we feel responsible to help these children because they represent our future.


The H4H (Human for Human Kinetic) recovery centre will have several areas of medical interest and physical rehabilitation, allowing for the inclusion of a large number of participants who will need physical rehabilitation and development.

We started from the bottom, helping those with real needs, the children, because we can make a change in the quality of their life, not only by recovering the different pathologies, but also by educating them to be better and more responsible human beings.

Our team pays special attention to maintaining a high value of education and economic growth. We strongly believe that our project will be able to develop a new concept of a multidisciplinary centre in which students will learn how to be physiotherapists, but also how to be humanitarian.

Our Team


"For me, this project is an immense joy and responsibility. It is about responsibility to the community, to the people that we help through this project. The feeling of joy springs from being able to develop professionally, doing the job we wanted to and learning what it means to have an entrepreneurial project in our field, with the desire to see it grow. Thank you FREC!”


"This project is an important step in my evolution and in the evolution of my colleagues. The opportunity offered by EDUCOL is a really important one in developing the skills of each entrepreneur. The FREC experience, with all that it means, from laying the groundwork to putting it into practice, has developed in me a sense of gratitude."


"I'm proud to be part of this team. This project is really important to me, because it gives me the opportunity to explore and develop the skills acquired as a student. The opportunity to work in a centre that we set up is a plus, both for me and for the community."


"I have learned a lot in this FREC project. I have learned a lot about myself, about what it means to work in a team, how much I like to work in the chosen field of activity and how much it means for me to offer help to those around me."


Project coordinator


Project coordinator

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance