Global Caring Month 2017

GlobalGiving (the philanthropic division of the Ford Motor Company Fund) is the largest global community linking non-profit organizations, donors and companies in almost every country. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in-between), through GlobalGiving, nonprofit organisations have the opportunity to access the tools, training and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place.

More about Global Giving

Starting from 2017, EDUCOL is part of the GlobalGiving community. In this way, we have the opportunity to benefit from a valuable know-how, so our involvement in the SV Oltenia region contributes to building sustainable, attractive communities for our young people.

The first grant awarded by EDUCOL, financed by the Ford Motor Company Fund, through Global Giving, worth $ 5,000, was the 2017 Global Caring Month initiative.

Global Caring Month is a global programme run by the Ford Motor Company Fund in September each year. Dedicated to volunteering, the initiative is oriented towards the following directions:

  • providing food for the needy - "feed the hungry";
  • clean water supply in areas where it is polluted and thus represents a health threat - "provide clean water";
  • "repair schools and shelters".

In this context, in September 2017, EDUCOL mobilized volunteers from the University of Craiova who together with Ford volunteers, refurbished the classrooms and sports field of the "Ştefan Odobleja" College Craiova in order to improve the study conditions of 1,480 students.


The establishment of the "Ştefan Odobleja" College Mechatronics Club

The Mechatronics Laboratory of "Ştefan Odobleja" College Craiova has a surface area of 231.25 m2 and a height of 5 m. During the hot season, the teaching activities in the laboratory were hard to conduct and it was very hot for both students and teachers . Also, there was a risk that the equipment would be affected by the high temperature and would no longer operate adequately.

To remedy this situation, EDUCOL, through the GlobalGiving grant, secured the purchase and installation of air conditioners. Thus, the Laboratory activity has improved significantly; 600 students and 30 teachers are now working in optimal conditions.

Based on our initiative, the management of the College has decided to set up a Mechatronics Club for Beginners and Advanced Students, attended by 50 students in all specialisations and vocational qualifications.

Sport competitions

The EDUCOL grant made it possible to restore two basketball courts and a football field in the courtyard of the College. They were equipped with the adequate sports equipment (four complete basketball panels and nets for the football gates) and were appropriately arranged with the support of volunteers from FORD ROMANIA S.A. Craiova and volunteer students from the University of Craiova.

The classes of physical education and sports take place in the sport grounds of the College now. All 1,480 students (full-time and evening classes) benefit from and have access to the sports grounds, both during and outside the physical and sports classes.

Furthermore, various sports competitions are organized here at the level of the high school, as well as at the local, county and national level.

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance