The Basarabia Students' Association of Craiova (A.S.B.C.)

Established on June 24, 2008, in love and for love of Moldova, in the heart of Craiova: "What unites us is far more powerful than what differentiates us". A.S.B.C. currently counts about 300 students, out of which 150 members officially represent it in the following activities:

  • Promoting the rights of young Basarabia students enrolled in Romanian universities and part of the ASBC, and educating them in a democratic and pro-European spirit
  • Educating young Basarabia students through cultural projects
  • Building a closer relationship between the Romanian youth and Basarabia youth through their involvement in various activities.
  • Representation of A.S.B.C. members at the University of Craiova, implicitly at the level of the management of each faculty

Actions undertaken:

  • Evaluation in terms of the activities carried out
  • "Adopt a Freshman" activity;
  • Prom
  • ASBC drama evening
  • "Give a smile" - charity action
  • The project "Rediscover history together" in partnership with the Timoceni Students' Association in Craiova, held once a month.
  • The "Book Exchange" event;
  • "City Quest" game for newcomers;
  • The ''What? Where? When?'' contest;
  • "Days of Basarabia".

Please visit us and see what it is all about:

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance