The Organization of Polytechnic Students with Electrical Profile from Craiova

The Organization of Polytechnic Students with Electrical Profile from Craiova (briefly O.S.P.P.E.C.) is a non-governmental organization, which was founded 28 years ago, more precisely on May 10, 1990, and aims not only at realizing projects for the young people from the South-West area of Oltenia, but also at defending the rights of the students enrolled at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering- University of Craiova, in front of the dean’s office, at local level in front of the University of Craiova, respectively at national and international level.

O.S.P.P.E.C. is a founding member of:

  • The Convention of Student Organizations- University of Craiova: Abbreviated C.O.S- U.C.V is the federation that joins under the same name all the student organizations from the University of Craiova.
  • The National Student Union of Romania:: Abbreviated U.N.S.R represents the non-governmental student federation that defends and supports the Romanian students and their rights at national level in front the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport and also at international level.

At the s ame time, O.S.P.P.E.C. encourages the idea of competitiveness between the young people from Romania and other countries in order to develop the team spirit and the various skills required in case of a future hiring at the end of the higher education, skills such as communication, negotiation, project management, etc.

During the 28 years of activity, O.S.P.P.E.C. carried out a variety of projects on different topics addressed to all students and young people from the University of Craiova and not only.

These projects were at a local, national and international level, based on the civil society, volunteering and a wide range of fields from the academic and the socio-cultural one to the environmental one.

Some of these projects are:

  • Coupe Robotique;
  • Career Guide;
  • Young Entrepreneurs in IT;
  • Steps to a successful career;
  • Europe of the young people from Dolj county;
  • Volunteering = hired for sure;
  • Give a little from your pocket!;
  • Today a volunteer, tomorrow an entrepreneur;
  • Steps to a successful career;
  • 25th anniversary of O.S.P.P.E.C.’s activity;
  • 1st of March event;
  • O.S.P.P.E.C. cup at chess;
  • O.S.P.P.E.C. cup at football;
  • Student Symposium in electrical engineering;
  • The National Session of the Student Scientific circles EL-SES;
  • Sport as a healthy lifestyle;
  • Junior Prom;
  • It’s movie time;
  • Play or be played;
  • Teambuilding #asfl #osppec #asfh.

175 monthly scholarships to pupils and students

+110.000 $ the value of the scholarships awarded

+200 volunteers in the FREC Craiova community

25 students recruited for performance